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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

rAiN DrOpS !!!

Gaurav, My fotography guru liked this foto.... his remarks have made a difference on the way i look at things from Behind my lens !!!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

wHeRe M i gOiNg !!!

A question which is there in all our minds... and i see in Arobindo's eyes too... Posted by Picasa

d' ReAr SpOiLeR !!!

Raindrops keep falling.. they keep falling....This is the real spoiler of my Palio enjoying the rain !!! Posted by Picasa

OnE WaY TiCkEt !!!

Loong Trains... Longer Journeys !!! Posted by Picasa

CaRe FoR a dRiNk !!!

Feeling Thirsty are u now? Posted by Picasa

OpEn sKiEs !!!

Something that can be looked at for ever.... Hills... Clouds... Sky...Snow... Fresh Air... Posted by Picasa

So cLeAr

Happy flower.... Thank you Rain Gods.... Posted by Picasa


Raindrops after a lovely Afternoon !!!! Posted by Picasa