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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

SuNsEt iN dELHi !!!

Sunset from the banks of River Yamuna in Delhi... the trees seen at a distance are the trees of Kalindi Kunj, New Delhi.


  1. @ burf : Would have been great if you had written why as well with the rating...

    0.5 outta 5 is pretty bad!!!

  2. wah wah wah ! aur kya kahu!
    i am one of those who beilieve that a man should carry a camera in his pocket all the time.. nature has so many of such everyday ... as far as women are concerned they can continue to cary lipsticks , creams , nailpolish etc ;)

  3. @ Batra : i saw this one day.. and the next day carried my cam to take a picture :)