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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

RaDhA @ d' GaNgEs !!

Gaurav liked this fotograph for some reason... and did not like a lot of things in this as well.. some real valuable inputs came from him for this foto... and things that i could keep in mind next time too....

BeHiNd d' cLoUds !!

Took this foto yesterday with the same camera phone... E398... While driving from Office towards Nehru Place, Delhi...

CaNoN EOS 3000v !!!

Dat's my camera.... foto taken with a Motorola E398 phone.. pretty good phone with mp3 ringtones and surround sound.... and a decent cam too...

RaM Jhoola @ Rishikesh !!

Laxman Jhoola @ Rishikesh...

SoMe VaLLeY !!! SoMeWhErE !!!

This is what Aro and Martina were looking at in the previous photograph !!!

PiTsToP fOr AiR !!!

Somewhere between Dhanaulti and Chamba... what a drive that was... simply awesome !!!

mOnKiE MaN !!!

Monkeys on the Dehradoon-Delhi highway.... the highway goes thru the Rajaji National Park... and the most common of the animals you see are these monkeys only....

HoMe SwEeT HoMe !!

My home... the board " Palmist" that's my DAD....

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

SuNsEt iN dELHi !!!

Sunset from the banks of River Yamuna in Delhi... the trees seen at a distance are the trees of Kalindi Kunj, New Delhi.

SaD TrEe !!

Standing alone.. standing still... a tree at the banks of the river ganges in Haridwar, India.

HaPpY DuCkS !!

Ducks in Bhimtal !!!!

PhOtOs - A gAmE oF LiGhTs & ShAdOwS !!

My cousin... took this foto on my one of my trips to my uncle's place....

ThRu d' DooR

Radha... in my driveway... fotograph taken from inside my house....

LoTsA' fLoWeRs !!!

More flowers... this time from Bhimtal !!!

FaCiNg d' SuN !!

Another flower... somewhere in Chamba !!!

TrEe @ MuKtEsHwAr !!

A tree at mukteshwar !!!! Had to really twist and turn myself to take this foto... though i kinda like the end result !!!

SuN ThRu D' TrEeS !!

Sun looking at us thru the trees... clicked this foto in while driving back to delhi from d'doon...

ThE HoLy GaNgEs !!!

Free flowing Ganges.... if you take some water from this river.. and keep it in a bottle or a jar... it never goes bad.... i have some water from this holy river that is there at my place for years.. and its still the same....
magic... miracle... science.. what could it be...

sUnRiSe iN ChAmBa !!!

Sunrise in Chamba, Uttranchal... lovely place to be in... u can only hear the air, the birds, and some occasional vehicles around...

ViSiToR on a TrEe

a pipal tree with a foreign visitor !!!

Monday, May 23, 2005

Fiat Palio NV 1.2 Sports in Ferrari Red

Words cannot describe this foto... i am in complete insane love with my car... mmmmmmmuah !!!!

SuNsEt !!!

Sunset @ Mama's Place !!!!

Where r u Heading Mr. Driver?

Never mix Drinking and Driving !!!!

Flower Power

A pic taken on my way to Haridwar for a rafting trip with Aro and Martina !!! Cam : Nikon N65 using a Fuji 100 Roll... with no manual settings....

Life iN d'ReAr ViEw MiRrOr

One of my favorites.... Life in the rear view mirror... is it really that green always...

No mOuNtAiN on EiThEr SiDe !!!

Somewhere between Chamba and Dhanaulti....

YeLLoW fLoWeR !!!

Some Yellow Flower....

Camera : Nikon N65
Film : Fuji 100

RaDhA @ d' DnD Flyway !!!

Radha @ DND !!!!


JuMpp !!!

This is a place called "Chauthi Jaali" @ Mukteshwar.

LeT ThErE B LiGhT !!!

D' Nafed Building at Ashram Flyover, New Delhi... Hindustan Times had put up the lights making this building look like this...

Camera : Canon EOS 3000v
Film : Fuji Proplus
Settings : Night

ReD fLoWeR PoWeR !!

I have a small tree outside my house.. and this beauty was there waiting for me to click it...

Taken with my CANON EOS 3000v, using auto settings !!!! oh and the roll was was Fuji Proplus 100.

Just another Coffee cup....

Om Ganeshai Namah !!!

First pic... taken with a Motorola E398...