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Thursday, March 23, 2006


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  1. really...its one fine example of 'concentration'..
    u managed to take such a close shot & the person in question could not even blink his eye...

    kya baat hai.. ! :P

    now i m wondering what could it be that this chap is so much concentrated on? any idea?

    all in all..a good shot..kudos to u :)

  2. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaO.....excellent shot :) WAS THE PERSON AWARE WHILE YOU WERE TAKING SNAPS?

  3. does it look in BW - i think it will look even better...try it out and let me know.

  4. Nice picture with nice title ..
    aur baaki toh sab ne kaha hi hain ..:)

  5. # mayuri...

    thanks for all the kind words.. this guy knew he was being clicked.. had asked him not to move..

    # tanu...
    thanks... yes the person was asked to stay still...

    and the foto looks great in b/w and also when it is warmified after changing it to b/w... i liked this colortone as well.. and did not really play with it before posting it..

    # woodie..

    nope.. looks like him na... par its shammi's friend who was with him.. shetty is what shammi calls him..

    # chitra..
    thanks :)

  6. aaaaaaah portrait photography... you have a knack for it... what a shot!! I wanna see more portrait photography.. :)

  7. hmmm... gud one!
    waise unaware bande ki kabhi try karna... ho sakta hai he doesnt realise b4 u click... tht cud bring a more natural effect!!

    nt too sure though, jst a thot!
    waise to i shudnt b giving suggestions to fotugraffers like u! :P
    oh did i miss out including *professional* :D

  8. Very well shot! Love the angle.. Perfect title..

  9. @ palak...
    i suck at making fotos man !!!

    this was just one moment that i realised was worth clicking... lemme get a digiSLR.. then you will see more of such shots... as of today i am not experimenting too much

    @ convivial...
    i take a lot of candid shots... actually most of them are candid only.. this was going to be one of them too.. but then he moved.. and i had to ask him to keep still...

    thanks for the kind words :D

    # samcam...