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Friday, February 01, 2008


Balance, originally uploaded by ~OM~ ॐ "FoTo-SoFiCaL" Bhardwaj.

We all struggle to find it.. Balance... With our lives in one hand and the world all around, AMEN to the day when we find it !!!


  1. you know what i like about your photography?
    you capture beauty in the seemingly ordinary things in life!
    lovely titles too.. :)

  2. @ Anonme...
    :) thank you.. i am happy happy :)

  3. Your work of art have really matured with many folds... I'm really overwhelmed with some of the shots.... AWSOME would not be the desirable word.... Actually this is what motivates me too...Hey PB...Kamal Hai !!!.

  4. AAAA :) indian railway stations are the best place on earth to see life and its different faces, Isn't it.

    loved it.

    I have two shots in mind that I want to click this time..dekhti hoon if I have get it or not...

  5. The photograph titled"Chicks have an attitude" was great.
    Agree with "I am" that our railway stations are the most living places on this earth.