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Saturday, May 03, 2008


This is a boy not more than 15 years old who works in a Brass Moulding Workshop in Moradabad, which is a key city in India for Brass works. A lot of kids like him and more spend most of their childhood working in such workshops. The smoke that you see is not normal smoke, but smoke from the molten brass in the furnace. A lot these people do not live beyond 40 years of age because of the way their body rots from inside.

An initiative of ASK (, Sankalp, has been working on providing normal childhood to children in Moradabad for a long time and I must say, from my first hand experience of staying in the Sankalp Center, that they have done a remarkable job... Today there is one major school and 5 Satellite centers that have more than 500 kids studying in them. There is a long way to go though...

All the best to ASK for their effort !

Please do visit and see if you'd like to participate in making a difference somewhere.


  1. ohh! I have lived near Moradabad; and I know one thing about people in villages there, none of the kids esp girls are sent to school.. a few send the boys to primary...but they drop out very FAST.

    But you know what about this I had no idea.

  2. hmm...

    no problemo :) There is a saying in Urdu which goes like "Der Aaayre Durust Aaye" the english counterpart of which is "Better Late than Never"

    now you know :)

    do read about ASK and see if you can do something to contribute too..

  3. eye opening pics, bro... ASK is doing a superb job...

  4. ASK is for sure doing a great job there !!!! I am very happy to be associated with this org.

  5. Thank you for bringing this to light. My heart breaks for those children.

  6. Thanks Yoli...
    I hope things would change for good in future.. There are a lot of people working very hard to do whats right...