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Monday, June 09, 2008

Love Is...

being together, even when the slightest of winds can throw you apart !!!


  1. and even when you are old and wrinkled!

    (the wilting flower made me think of this one ;)

    Iska background aisa dark hi tha, ke you did some special trick to get it? I have tried so many times to get it, but I always get some bright stuff in the back. (dunno if my question is even making any sense)

  2. # Kashmira..
    you are right :)

    The background was not that dark.. I had to work on the levels to give it some better look...

    There is no trick, just some simple Post processing steps which a simple software like Picasa can do for you too .. try it...

  3. nice shot.. the water on the petals - very nice