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Friday, July 25, 2008


What comes to my mind when I hear this word is

1. My jeans
2. My Kurta
3. Sitting in the park, under a tree, on a bench, lying down
4. Doing nothing
5. Staring at the sky
6 Counting the stars
7. Follow the leaves the wind blows
8. Have a cup of tea on a road side stall
9. Standing at the door of a train compartment when the train is moving and staring into space
10. Being myself...

Hope you have a "just what you like" relaxing weekend !!! Amen !


  1. My list would have...
    playing with the waves on the beach

    reading a book in a hammock under a tree

    driving into those lush green mountains!

    hiking some place greeeen!

  2. i can do those too :)

    par reading is not relaxing for me... thak jaata hoon kitaab utha kar :D

  3. I have seen notin on this blog except the pics.Fab!!

  4. to me Relax, also reminds of -

    1. A walk by the river
    2. Watching the valley from a mountain top
    3. People watching...
    4. Music
    5. Swimming
    6. Sleeping
    7. Laughing
    8. Bakwaasing

    9. above all 'doing nothing' :)

  5. my thoughts exactly,love your kurta by the way.

  6. # Mez...
    thanks... this is a photoblog only:)

    you can check my other blog for some text if you'd like..

    # Tanu...
    mast list hai re...

    # Megha...

    i really like this kurta too :)

  7. thats a nice list... i will do my list too ;)