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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

It's just the beginning !

30On30 is over !

Let me put it a bit differently... it has just started !!!

and the first month of this beginning was a huge boost to the cause ! here are some highlights :

- 30 on 30 website had over 2000 visitors in 30 days and more than 4000 page views

- 57% visitors were from India, 28% from the US, 3% from the UK, and rest from Japan, Canada, Singapore, Poland, Hong Kong, UAE, and some others...

- There was also a poll on the 30on30 page which was taken by 52 people and 47 of them thought that this initiative has the potential to bring some change and 5 were not too sure

and now the most important statistics !!!!

I had thought that on my 30th birthday I would sell 30 photographs and raise Rs. 30000... Not much went as planned !!!

Through the 30 on 30 project, I managed to sell 69 prints of my pictures, and the project managed to raise Rs. 69000 !!!!

There would also be some more to this 69000 which comes from the dollar conversion, and some from the rounding off of the printing and shipping costs...

69000 !!!!

Ye !!!

30000 on 30000 on 9000 !!!!

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated, promoted, or wished for the success of 30On30...

and like I said, earlier, this is just the beginning!

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