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Friday, August 21, 2009

Bit of me!

Flickr was getting too serious with the last few pictures, so thought of taking up the tag that Coolclix suggested... here we go... 10 things about me and a photograph of myself!

1. I am allergic to idiots
2. I watch movies for characters and actors mostly... Ice Age for Sid, Kungfu Panda for Panda Po, Golmal for Ram Prasad, Chupke Chupke for Sukumar Sinha, and so on...
3. I want to own a Mustang one day
4. I like Gatorade
5. I would chose India over any other country in this world to live in, any day without a second thought
6. I am scared of what will happen to India with its current leaders
7. I believe in God, but I never ask him for anything
8. I like my blog Chai ki Dukaan ( am kind of proud of myself to have that name as well !
9. I am scared of roller costers
10. I love to have fun


  1. against black is where this realy looks good :))

    yeah to cake in the glass window waali baat hai !! not fair :P :P

  2. lovely... and hey, u look like abishek bachan :)

  3. And you love Black & White may be.

  4. I am big fan of yours … Your photography is superb… U write so good and catches the interest...No doubt

  5. You missed out on one are a star:-)

  6. Cool tag... I might take this one to create my version. :)