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Friday, March 20, 2009

A good laugh a day...

keeps the sorrows away...


  1. good slogan.
    Liked the previous posts as well : especially the daffodils and the charcoal drawing like sky.

  2. lovely... i love to see people laughing whole heartedly :)..keep sharing.. and keep smiling... u have got gud teeth [;)]

  3. @ Hobo
    you bet

    @ RA
    thanks !

    @ Arpita
    thanks ! :)

    where did you see my teeth :P

  4. great picture - you've captured her full laugh.

  5. Where else... but in ur pic... don't tell me that u never noticed that :D

  6. @ Bindu
    thanks :)

    @ BlunderGirl
    which picture of mine? the profile picture?

  7. uff uff uff!!! yes man the profile pic... hope its urs... i belive i can see some teeth there when the person in the pic(if and only if its you)is showing ..

    BTW kya farak penda hai.. agar its not u.. u must be having some teeth anyway.. no matter how they look.. just show them.. If u have got bad teeth then small kids with bad cavity will be inspired and if they are good.. lots of gurls will be getting impressed.. so keep showing them.. give others a reason to smile back[;)]

    BTW mah name's Arpita... chasmebaddoor or blunder gurl was just a name for the blog...;)