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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What if...

you had to pay for being loved... would you still take it for granted?

p.s. too tight a composition... I am not sure if I like it too much, but this was the thought that came to my mind every time I pass it in the morning and I had to take this picture and present it here :)


  1. Believe me, some people do pay. Not necessarily with money, but they do :(

  2. I am not really sure but I think I do know what you are talking about...

  3. Well...if there is payment then there will be different prices - which in turn will mean more choices - so instead of being taken for granted - it will be more try and test and if not let it rest...

  4. @ ceedy....
    interesting point you make there !

    @ Bindu
    yea !