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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

30 on 30 Updates

A week ago it started with a some emails, FB and orkut events, and some blog posts...

In a week's time
- More than 15 blogs have the 30on30 tag or a related post
- I have written at least 150 emails responding to interests/queries on 30on30
- Have received about 40 "I am interested in buying this photograph" emails
- Have collected about Rs. 10000
- Placed 5 print orders out of which 2 have been received
- Have been overwhelmed by the encouraging words everyone had to say about the project
- Touched by some of the responses from friends known and unknown

Next steps
- Follow up with friends who have showed interest, to complete the orders
- Ensure the prints are ordered and shipped on time
- Spread the word around
- Be thankful to everyone who has participated in the project
- Reach much more than 30K... 50K maybe... or more... lets see

Thank you everyone !!! In the last week, we have done very well and are hoping to carry on with the progress. Thanks again for your support and wishes

30on30 team
Prashant Bhardwaj, Swati Seth, Bhumika Udernani, Subhadip Purakayastha


  1. This is a great effort! Wonderful way to celebrate the milestone. Good luck.