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Friday, August 29, 2008

Christmas Parents...

I spent the Christmas Eve of 2007 with them at their lovely house near Glasgow in Scotland... The same warmth, the same affection, the same love as my house would have...

Looks like God makes parents exactly the same way everywhere !!!


  1. the warmth shows in the photo.really nice.

  2. so nice to have a family so many miles away from home isn't it ?

    they seem really warm and nice.

  3. # Veens..
    thanks :)

    # Anoop..

    # Megha...
    :) thanks..

    # Tanu...
    you bet :)

    they were for sure :)

  4. Wow! is there any place where you haven't traveled? Looks like you've been everywhere on the face of this earth. :) Keep it up!

    Cute photo... God bless all parents.

  5. I am both glad and embarrassed that you feel that way :) Kanan..

    I have traveled extensively, but I am still very hungry for more :)

    thanks for the kind words !!!

  6. Prashant, oh sorry, I didn't mean it that way. I guess it takes getting used to seeing a photo of Chicago today and then Glasgow the next. It's ... amazing! :)
    Hope you get to travel more and that way we will get to see places sitting in a chair. Best wishes!

  7. Oh Com'on... i was embarrassed in the right way :)

    thanks again :)