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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Men will be Boys !!!

All it takes is a free flowing river in the wild....

Still taken on the Pestigo River in Wisconsin


  1. :) yeah, teh joy if playing in water - it cannot be described in word s:-D

  2. the photographs are strikingly beautiful..
    and i have noticed the details in the cruiser (the photographic details i.e.)...
    my god...incredible..
    totally incredible...
    all of us take photos yet we miss out on that little something...either its a frame, an expression, an angle, a shadow, a light...
    you are close to perfection, dost...
    if you dont gonna blogroll you...just to get an eyeful


  3. # Anoop...
    :) you bet..

    # Preeti...
    thanks for the kind words :)

    glad you liked the pictures...

  4. Moment is so well captured..but I would go with the title " boys will be boys"

  5. These are not boys... they are grown up men :) hence men will be boys !!!

  6. Nope, boys WILL be boys :)

    grown up, un-grown, subadult, ya adult...Does not matter :D