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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Logan Diaries : Bear Lake

I am thinking of posting more B/Ws ( not that I don't do them often, but I am going to make an effort to have more B/Ws in this stream)
Please feel free to talk about the composition, conversion, presentation and how you would think the photograph could have benefitted if presentation in a different way ( now that I have already composed it)

Thanks in Advance...


  1. Rajesh Khanna ko balloons leke khada kar do, singing "Zindagiiiii...kaisi hai paheli..."

    On a serious note, I think this one would have been better in color. Just a feeling..because then the contrast of the blue sky and water would make it more interesting.

  2. i like color specially if its blue...

    waise rajesh khanaa wala suggestion seems good...tere ko balloon leke chalana chahiye tha.. bear lake mein :)

  3. this is a very b'ful pic :)

    i wonder how the color one wud look :)

  4. # Kashmira..

    You are right, color would have its own charm, however that input is not what I am looking for :)

    the blues around this lake were very beautiful to be ignore, however this is an attempt to experiment :)

    # Tanu...

    # Veens...
    thanks... the colored one is very nice.. the blues were beautiful, however I am very keen on experimenting with my favorite B/Ws :)

  5. i like the pic prashant the composition and all but then i am also a b&w freak.wanna see more:)

  6. Thanks Megha for the kind words... there is more B/W coming up here for sure...