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Monday, November 24, 2008

Delicate Threads Strong Faith

This just proves how small things can keep our faith firm !

These are the threads that people tied around the Marble windows in Fatehpur Sikri at the Mazaar of Khwaja Saleem Chishti when they pray for something!

Customs like this are popular at various other places as well in India...

e.g. In Uttarakhand there are temples where people tie bells in the temple compound when they wish for something. In two temples in Uttarakhand (Golu Devta Temple in Bhowali, near Bhimtal and another one at Chitai) people even write letters and leave them in the temple compound !

There might not be a scientific explanation to all this, but when the mind really believes something will happen, small things like tying a thread or writing a letter can make it happen !!!

Hope everyone has a very positive Monday and a week/year/decade and so on :)

God Bless !!!


  1. Nice thought & pic as well…. Truly the power of faith and believing on something doesn’t depend on the size or for that matter the form of it.

  2. Good picture with the little woven threads. Lots of similar customs exist in the south of india too. When I see them I always imagine that one person whose wish did not come true - checking on their thread/cloth/bell and wondering what they did wrong ...

  3. I loved the title and the concept behind this photo. It's honestly great composition. You cant help but draw your mind to the hundreds of people that tied those hundreds of strings of faith out of a desperate need for their prayers to be answered.

    Very nicely done!

  4. PS. You've been featured on my blog. Do check out:

  5. excellent pic!
    love the colors- they look like intesting saffron intertwined on a white kitchen table :)
    n yeah ,like they say 'faith moveth mountains!'- n we all have our own fluffy, yet firm ways of expressing it... to each, his own!

  6. nice pic..u knw in mumbai there is a temple where people tie brass bells(ghanta) when their wish comes true..its called only..ghantewala mandir!!
    and yes positive attitude and outlook definitely brings happy results..

  7. We, humans are very greedy.. the more v get ,the more v want, and the more we pray to god... and when we dont get wot we want ,we repent or try to put the blame on others or cry out are griefs...We always want to belive on that which provides mental satisfaction to our mind... This another way on believing .... excellent shot,lovely concept and cool punch line for ur post.. loved evrything...

    thanx for sharing :)

    arpita ;)

  8. Hi,

    My first time here. I saw (parts of) your flickr stream as well and came out breathless. Great work, really.

  9. You need to have a very keen eye to take pictures like you do.
    Love the simplicity in the photograph.

  10. # Alok...
    nicely said

    # Bindu
    thanks... I never thought about it, its a fact that all we ask for does not come to us ( well in one life time that is )

    # Vagabond
    thanks... glad you liked it

    and thanks much for the words on your blog :)

    # Jane

    faith, you bet, can move mountains

    # MySpace
    Oh there is... very nice !

    # ChashmeBadoor...
    We sure are a greedy breed, but i think change is around the corner too :)

    All the best for being a part of the change !!!

    # Trevor
    many thanks !!! hope to see you around

    # Vamsee
    thanks !