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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Once upon a time..

The Arms which work hard to earn, were called arms !

And today?


  1. awww.. niceee pic

    and an 'ARMED' caption there..

    couldn't help but thinking that many of those terrorists came in by boat, seeing that innocent lil' boat with a cycle on it in ya pic!

  2. i like the irony that u have potrayed !!...
    democratic country we call ours..i wonder!

  3. Its the same Navy whom we celebrated few days back who defeated the pirates.. and today we are shamful on the thought its the same navy who were incapable of stopping the terrorists who came by the sea..

    Anyway nice post.. great thought :)

  4. once upon a time even violence was simpler ... there were rules even for war.

  5. # Jane...

    yea, I realised that after reading your comment...

    # Ronodip
    don't wonder, do something about it !!! you can !!!

    # ChashmeBadoor...

    I think there should be two "d"s in Baddoor...

    I do not think Navy can monitor all the sea all the time.. its a li'il tough, but then there are ways to do it or bypass it too...

    There are as many locals associated with the recent activities as they are foreigners !


    # Bindu
    yea !

  6. Thanx :) for correcting the spelling will change it.. infact i was confused abt the d's:D

    ya i know its a tough job for the navy.. but they are been assigned to monitor and find out ways to make these tough job easier..right.. If the terrorist can think and do beyond our imagination then why cant we?and ya to some etent i agree with wot u said but then again is it a difficult job to trace illegal license given to people who were shipping there?or was it difficult for the police to investigate on the news that the fishermen gave them about the RDX being transported in the sea line?

  7. Beautiful photo and even more beautiful message.

  8. # Chashmebaddoor...
    i think there will be two Ds...

    There is always more to it than we know... i agree it should be done... at the same time, i am sure there is something that allowed all of this to happen... insiders?

    # Vagabond