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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Some Metal and some Luck

These are Horseshoe's nailed on the Wooden Door of Buland Darwaza... Horse shoes are said to bring Good luck in many cultures around the world, and they should not be brand new ones... they have to be used.

Mostly I have seen they are nailed in the shape of a U. Probably saying Good luck to "YOU" :) I don't know really...

p.s. I do not think this is a good picture in terms of composition. This completely fails in capturing the amount of horseshoes that were there on the doors, but still posting it as this is the only picture I took of them !


  1. I wonder at the stories each of those horseshoes can tell ... and the horses that wore them.

  2. The composition may be a little off...but the horseshoes still tell an interesting story, nonetheless.

  3. hi,
    all pic are very nice but i like this one most.

  4. # Bindu
    that would be an interesting collection !!! so much on just one door

    # Vagabond

    # Ramanjit

  5. They are in the U position so the "luck doesn't run out."