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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Chail Bihari

He manages a small space where people can park their vehicles near the Ghats in Vrindavan.. is dressed in Khakis with a whistle to help people park !

Another one of the happy souls that I met on my roadtrip !

p.s. I think the image is darker than I would like it to be, but any more light and the parts on his face would feel burnt... Help please !


  1. His haircut and sunglasses look totally cool! :)

  2. Nice.

    Maybe a li'l fill flash would've helped to brighten up his eye sockets.

  3. oh i love his bunny teeth!!..but his eyes are looking a bit dark..but its lookin good..very rural..hey i wanna ask you how do give this white framing to the pictures??i only hav picassa and theres no such option :((.....

    p.s- but i dont like your watermark...i think the previous one was better!

  4. # Bindu...

    # Trevor...
    you are right... i could have used fill flash, In the colored version the tonal jumps are not that evident...

    # Anoop...

    # Ronnie
    There is a software called Photofilter that you can use to create borders... Let me send that you on email !

    will take care of the watermark... I do not like this one either !

  5. Yes, the eyes do look a little dark...but he has a brilliant smile that makes up for it. :)

  6. he sure looks happy...don't know though that he is happy to be shot, in camera of course (must have thought this was a chance to appear on someone's blog - u know blogs are so popular these days after the celebrities have started blogging)

  7. # Vagabond...
    yea... I need to learn how to correct these things in a photograph !!!

    thanks :)

    # Rahi...
    I think he was a happy person generally... I don't think he was interested in where the picture was going to be posted, but still was glad to let me take a picture of him !