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Monday, December 29, 2008

Milwaukee Diaries : Benches in a Park

Knee Deep Snow and a sunny day, perfect for walking around and feeling the chill in the air !


  1. wow,great pic prashant.i wish we had a white christmas.

  2. That looks like it could have been taken at the park near where I live. I think I've had more than enough snow for December...I'm ready for some sunshine now. LOL.

  3. # Yoli..

    # Megha...
    thanks... come over... the christmas was pretty white and its going to be like this for a while here !!!

    # Vagabond...
    hehehe... if you get some sunshine, please do send it over here as well !!!

    where in the US are you by the way?

  4. It's what the locals call Michiana...technically I live in Indiana...but because it's at the most northern end of Indiana, Michigan's just a short drive away.
    LOL! And all this time I thought you were based in India because of all the lovely photos from India you have on your blog. :)

  5. # ChasmeBaddor..
    jo Kol mein hota hai, wo kahin nahin hota... let it have that :)

    # Vagabond...
    ah... nice...

    I have been in and out of India... was in India then Minneapolis for 3 months, then India for 1 and now in Milwaukee !!!