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Saturday, January 03, 2009

2008... just went by!!!


  1. Wow..this is a very dynamic picture - loved the composition...

    I am waiting for more pics from you in 2009

  2. The red sari makes her stand out against the background...nice!
    Hope you have a great year ahead and the chance to take a lot more photos for us to ogle at. :)

  3. # ChasmeBaddor...
    kuch is tarah chala ja raha thaa ke na manzil hai aur na raasta,
    di kehta hai ke raste khulte jayenge aur manzil milti jayengi !!!


    # Ceedy...
    thanks... :)

    # Vagabond...
    you bet it does.. i think that's what made me click this picture too !

  4. super have to give me tips with my new camera.

  5. very interesting angle and that red looks marvellous in this composition.

  6. please add photos of colors and flowers! I want to paint some indian colors, can you help me?

  7. # Megha...
    thanks... and I would be more than happy to share whatever I know...

    One thing that you gotta do is go through the Manual completely and then start playing with the settings... from a composition point of view I doubt if you would need any help as the way you see things is much much better than most of the people around... I will help you with techie details or anything that you would like to know... just drop me an email and we can work together on this

    # Dee...

    # Gufobardo..
    I would suggest going to my flickr page.. that has two sets Primary and Fluers which has colors and flowers in them... And a whole lot of pictures from India as well which you can have a look at..,

    try this :

    @ Lisa...
    thanks and welcome to my page.. hope to see you around !