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Monday, January 26, 2009

Member of a family...

In Rural India, cattle is as good as a member of the family and often sacred... A bond that can only be felt when seen !


  1. LOL. I like how the cow's looking right into the camera. :D

  2. Aw! Look at those velvet ears and the pretty diamond patch on his/her? forehead ... charming.

  3. True...have you seen the movie Tingya...its in Marathi and revolves around this idea....

  4. @ Vagabond

    @ Recyclebill

    @ Bindu
    :) very

    @ Ceedy
    nope.. what is that movie about?

  5. Its about this farmer kid who loves his cow - the cow falls sick and has to be sold for the meat - but he resists and argues with everyone to save the cow - also how important it is for our rural areas is brought out.

    It was supposed to be picked for Oscars instead TZP got picked

  6. Oh boy... interesting... But then I doubt how many people would understand it specially when Beef tends to sell so much, forget about love the cow being sacred !