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Monday, January 19, 2009

Heads Up..

The depth of the water does not really matter, what matters is where your head is !


  1. That is such an interesting composition! :)

  2. Like it.
    I think it would have been better though, had the head beec at one of the thirds.

  3. Well said, and I say it’s a picture message :)

    BTW, what happened to our 100gumakad?

    P.S: You are tagged in my blog, I would be glad if you can take it up.

  4. i love your black and whites,keep going :)

  5. Well can also say dont behave like a salmon and swim upstream

  6. # Trevor...
    thanks... I think so too, it would have made it more interesting.. however I think there was a wall behind him and getting him any lower would have meant that i am getting an unwanted element in the picture...

    # Alok

    100 ghummakad is on bro... I have it on blogger too.. just thinking these days of how to get people on board !!

    # Megha..
    thanks Megha for the encouraging words !!!

    # Ceedy
    yea... :)

  7. Thank you for your comments on my blog! I love your photographs - especially this one. The composition is very pleasing.

  8. Good to see you here !!!1

    I really like your work too !