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Saturday, January 24, 2009


Words would never do justice to the love and warmth, grandparents have in their hearts !!


  1. u bet......

    I think it comes with the position 'GRAND' :)

  2. there is so much beauty and warmth in her face!

    (Om, did the situation improve on the feed front?)

  3. I absolutely love this photo!...reminds me of my grandma...the wrinkles on her face tell so many stories. Beautifully taken photo...and need I say again, you're very talented at this? :)

  4. @ Tanu
    very rightly said !!

    @ Dee
    yea :)

    Not really dee, I am still getting the feeds of comments on your page and not the page itself... not sure why :/

    @ Vagabond
    :) thanks...

  5. I agree wholeheartedly. She is beautiful. I really enjoy your portraits - it seems that you can see their personalities coming through.

    And thank you for the comments again! They are very much appreciated :)

  6. @ DandelionDog
    thanks... I am glad you feel that way

    @ Bindu