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Monday, December 22, 2008

Every smile I see

adds a few minutes to my life !

She was the elder daughter of our boatman in Vrindavan...

p.s. need B/W conversion tips, lessons. Please feel free to rubbish this photo if need be, however do tell me how you feel the presentation can be improved


  1. She has such a wholesome smile. You know more about photography than me, so I can't help!

  2. What a lovely smile. And I'm in no position to rubbish this photo..i know next to nothing of the technicalities of photography...this portrait is beautiful as far as I'm concerned.

  3. the photo is beautiful prashant,i love the grains.cant help you here coz you know more than me about photography.

  4. Om,
    Here's my critique only 'coz you asked for it. :-)

    It's hard to tell from the small size of the photograph but there seems to be a considerable amount of sharpening artifacts in the picture.

    Here's what i would do.

    1) If the photo has been shot @ high ISO, i'd add more noise to make it look grainy and give it the vintage sepia finish.

    2) If your noise is under control, I would do a high key processing and overlay it over the original BnW. It generally gives good contrast with localized sharpening.

    Good luck.

  5. # Bindu...
    :) she had a lovely smile yes !!

    # Vagabond
    glad you like it..

    # Megha
    thanks :) I added some grains here...

    # Trevor Penn
    Thanks much for your comments... will try the second point sometime...