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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Helplessness is...

usually a state of mind... look up and you might see a way out !


  1. nyc one again :)

    hey u have been awarded.. do collect it 4m the link given below :)
    am pretty confused whom to trust n on whom not to...[:O] so beter i dont comment.. cos Idia me kuch b ho sakta hai..

    btw u have been awarded .. do collect it 4m the link given below[:)] tc.

  2. Dont know if helplessness is always just a state of mind...sometimes it's genuine and real...but I think accepting situations or people for what or who they are in the broader context of things sometimes makes helplessness a little more bearable.

    Lovely photo composition. :)

  3. @ Arpita
    thanks... and thanks again for the award :)

    @ Vagabond
    I feel it is... but I also have to agree to that you say... thats a more realistic way to put it across :)