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Monday, February 23, 2009

Scotland Sunset

I was in Scotland in August'07 for the fringe festival which is a annual festival in Edinburgh... Saw some of the best skies, sunrises and sunsets on that trip!


  1. @ Ceedy

    Fringe Festival in Edinburgh is supposed to be one of the largest cultural events in the world... artists from all over come to perform at various theaters all around the city... I remember the two evenings I was there, there were at-least 50 performances every hour in one or the other places ! fantastic atmosphere, and not to forget the load full of street performers !

    Just the right time to be in Edinburgh honestly !

  2. Thanks will keep in mind....sounds very interesting...any pics from that fest you have put up somewhere?

  3. I love the shades and the golden hue. Great shot.

  4. @Ceedy...
    nope not many but there are a few on flickr from that trip...

    @ Bindu
    thanks :)