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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Street Music - Camden Town (London)

One of my favorite places in London, the Camden Town ! Some of the most stylish t-shirts, punk and rock music, and loads of street performances... and street performances are not really limited to Camden Town... almost every where in London you can walk around and enjoy many people doing their acts for people !

A place that will make you love it, thats London !


  1. like this pic and love his check shirt :)

  2. I loved London too...I did not goto Camden town...maybe next time...

    Did you walk through Notting Hill...very interesting juxtaposition of old and new there

  3. Haven't been to London ... Good picture!

  4. @ Geet
    thanks :) most people on flickr also loved this shirt :)

    @ Ceedy
    i love london... one place where I can spend a lot of time other than India..

    I did go to Notting Hill and the small market they have there every weekend

    @ Bindu