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Friday, September 26, 2008

He is there... in different sizes different forms !


  1. tumne unse mere liye khoob saare patience ki baat chalayi ki nahi? my reserves are running dry!

  2. # Alok..

    # Kashmira...
    haan bola to thaa.. bol rahe they ke usko bolo tension na liya kare !!! it might seem too bad, but its not that bad overall.., because from where he sees it, the better times are round the corner !!!

    # Anoop...
    thanks bro..

    # Megha..

  3. though looking better against a black back ground...this image is just not working for me :(

    concept is great :)...i think the mind craves a frontal view may isn't hitting the spot ur photographs usually do....what do you think??

  4. # Jyoti...
    thanks... i guess its just a difference in perspective here :)

    I love this image, infact I had decided to take a print of this and put it up somewhere :)

    Frontal view would have been an obvious choice, however it would have not have given me the blurred image in the background... Plus I feel because of the positioning of the sharper subject the eyes get drawn to it just right !!

    what do you think is not working out for this one? just the side view or something else too?

  5. may be it is that if this photograph were viewed by some one who is not familiar with indian/asian deities, and their presentation -it is hard to understand this photograph...

    but then- you are the artist :)

  6. # Kanan...

    # Jyoti..
    which I guess is ok for me :) there would always be times when a group of people would not understand or appreciate a picture !!! at the same time there would be a set of people who will identify it with ease...

  7. :) Usko bolo I took his advise, tension ka blinder hataya, and expanded my vision to see that corner he was talking about! Achha connection hai bhai tumhara :)