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Friday, September 12, 2008

Here but not !!!


  1. but am sure somewhere, if not here :)

    I really liked this of the b/w series for me

  2. It is interesting how against the black background your image's right corner is lighter and details fairly visible...where as on flicker against white the black is intensely dark..

    so i guess you would have to kep in mind while printing where and how you will mount the photograph

    it is a nice image...hint of eye detail would definitely add depth..but if only light in the rest of the frame is in balance too..may be some intense photoshopping using masks...but it is your creative call.. :)

  3. Your photographs are great - but this one is really striking. I love portraits, and this one just begs to be turned into a sketch or painting.

  4. striking portrait and the B&W treatment gives it good emotional depth...

  5. oh god...
    Om..anything i say would just be an understatement so i'll just leave it at that...

  6. this one is truly fabulous,excellent pic prashant,
    aur kuch bolne ki zaroorat hi nahin.

  7. # Tanu...
    yea somewhere for sure :)


    # Jyoti...
    thats what... flickr and a border does add or remove the perspective from a picture...

    Printing is the only thing thats there in my mind when I am editing my pictures :) so I hope some of these could and would be taken care of...

    I don't know anything about masks etc... need some tutions on PS for sure !

    # Bindu...
    thanks... this would be printed large sometime..

    # Anoop...
    i like that term... emotional depth...

    # Veens..

    # Preeti..
    thanks.. many thanks..

    # Megha...
    thanks Megha :) you still have not told me which picture do you want in print !