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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Let's enjoy ! Shall We?

I bet once you are on the swing, you cannot think about anything else but just live the moment !!!


  1. here after a longg tyne :)

    but can't see the picture :(

    bUT yeah, swings, they jus clear ya head of all its nonsense, n make ya wanna live :)

  2. # Jane...
    glad to know that you are back here...

    you can click on the white space and reach the picture page... not sure why its not there anymore...


  3. hey i cant see the pic even after clicking on the pic. but swings are one of the most amazing things man made. PS i updated my blog. giveit a dekko , when u have time :p

  4. Try this link..

    and i will visit soonest :)

  5. saw it at flicker...

    nice pic

    but living for the moment in swing Baapre...not for me, a naturally pendulum person !!

    living for moment on better anyday:)