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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Where do I go? Who do I ask?

When would you stop killing people who have done nothing bad to you?

Angry and Helpless on yet another bomb blast in Delhi!!!


  1. The news is shocking. Good picture & shadow - expresses the emotions very well.

  2. prashant,maybe wrong timing but you have an award waiting for you in my blog ,no strings attached

  3. Photo to is theek thaak, but if this is tera uncle -

    my answer would be, app jahanumm mein jaao and wanha se baith ke tamasha dekho aur chane khao!!

    On a tighter note, I don't think this is God's business..he has given us brain and eyes to think and act which we have forgotten to use!!

  4. # Bindu...

    # Megha...
    thanks... will check :)

    # Tanu...
    thanks for the comments on the picture... why is the picture "theek thaak"? what would you have done to make it better?

    Also about your comment, I think you are thinking with too much anger and negativity !!! You might be correct, but I do not want to believe you !

    and this picture was not a question for God !

  5. the pic is just theek thaak to me w.r.t to your other shots which are lively and speak for themselves...

    this is more of a shot put in rt context. I don't know much about technicalities of photography, so I have no idea on that front..

    now coming to the comment part- who says am angry!! am very happy yeh sabb to bapu ka bday ara hai na uskaaa celebration hai !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!