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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Santosh Kumar Negi - Shri Badrinath

He runs a small make-shift shop there where you can buy religious offerings for the Shri Badrinath Temple.


  1. if some one want to turn ordinary , every day life to arresting frames, you are the guy... hats off to your talent to capture beautiful frames from every day life, bro...

  2. And I am so very glad to read this comment !!!

    overwhelmed and thank you !

  3. Great shot and I agree with -xh-

    Maybe you should do a series on this....

    I live the guys eyes and the face structure

  4. Thanks Ceedy !

    I have a collection of of faces that I have clicked.. you can see them on flickr at the following links :

  5. Thank Prashant

    Those were some really good pictures. All the more reason that you should now have a small book :) thru your flickr not sure (you might already be knowing it) but do check out National Geographic....they have competetions you can enter for photographers...

    Loved them thanks again :)