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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Toad(aly) Wooden !

And yes, the colors are coming back slowly :) Thank you everyone for a very encouraging September with the B/Ws !!!

These toads are handcrafted somewhere in Thailand, and when a wooden stick is moved on the groves on the top, it makes a sound which is unbelievably similar to the croaking of a toad !!!


  1. waaaaaaaaaaaaooooooo these are so cuteeeeeeeeeee...

    I want them :(

    Toads and Frogs have the inborn right to be with me and only me....

    gift them to me :), he he he :) :P

  2. hehe.. yea I had you in mind when I was buying these :)

    the frog princess !!!

  3. this on your deck or at a beach boardwalk???

  4. # Ceedy...
    thanks... this is on the balcony of my apartment !