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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Still !

p.s... this image is also a good example of "what not to do" while taking pictures !! the right top corner has something which was there on the lens and has messed up the picture !!! something to look out for, when you can take a second picture !!! i did not, and ended up with this as my final image !!!


  1. That's a beautiful've captured the tranquility of the moment really well. You've got an awesome blog, and I've had a good time looking through all the photos. I hope you wont mind me blogrolling you. :)

  2. Beautiful...just a note - what is that shadow like appearance on upper right...distracts a bit

  3. # Vagabond...

    Would not mind at all.. glad to have you here !

    # Ceedy...
    thanks... that is a careless mistake from my side... have updated the post with the note from flickr !!! not sure how I missed it initially !

  4. Hey....

    cool...well you can photoshop it...I know its not the best method...

  5. Oh yes, that I can :) but I chose not to !!! to keep it as a careless mistake reminder and plus I am more from the old school where PS is not used much !!!

  6. Thanks Megha... I guess red has added a lot to the picture, if it was a blue or a green or a brown boat, I am not sure how good the picture would have looked !

  7. yeh naiyya bahutt achii hai... :)

    teri to naoo nikkal padi :)

  8. nikal nahin padi... its at peace where it is :)